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Researching Environmental Stewardship's Role in Combating Eco-Anxiety for Climate Action



Ana Fisyak is named Faculty Fellow @ Urban Systems Lab | THE NEW SCHOOL for Healing Dunes . The project seeks to understand how environmental conservation, especially the stewardship of natural and nature-based features focused on protecting front line communities, can help to improve mental health, combat eco-anxiety, and open larger conversation in the community around climate change adaptation in a positive and generative way.  The research will focus on the Rockaway peninsula, in partnership with local organizations. The Urban Systems Lab Fellowship supports research and scholarly activity that further the USL’s commitment to providing new insight into developing more equitable and resilient cities. For more information about Urban Systems Lab visit http://urbansystemslab.com/.

The sign reads “What creates health? Parks. Feeling. Trees. Ecology. Reefs.”
Photo by Giles Ashford. Images courtesy of RISE.