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Ana Fisyak Consulting is a planning apothecary ensuring NYC neighborhoods and their CBOs are empowered to take action for a more equitable and climate-resilient city. I design and execute civic engagement processes and secure funding for ambitious community projects. I research new strategies to make healthier neighborhoods and collaborate across disciplines to address a wide range of technical assistance needs at the community level.
As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, the importance of a vibrant civil society is at the forefront of my work. My passion is to design and implement collaborative projects that address social and environmental challenges through an equity lens. I always aim to engage diverse partners and to build healing and inclusive spaces that grow a sense of civic responsibility and a shared vision. 

My projects grow social connection, community self-determination, and stewardship of nature and places. I prioritize local knowledge, community-based and nature-inspired solutions, and engaging voices historically left out of the process, especially young people, immigrants, and people of color.

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